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English Coronavirus 2020

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old Re: Coronavirus 2020

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I've heard this virus is already in France and Germany.

Also I believe everything started from eating alive bats or was created by pharmacological concern

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There are no drugs for any type of virus. Antibiotics don't work because viruses don't have their own metabolism that could be stopped with the antibiotics. The only treatment is symptomatic treatment and waiting for the body to fight the virus itself. Currently, coronavirus is a deadly virus and there are very very few people who have recovered.

> Generally, coronavirus isn't as scary as different types of flu that are every year in Europe. It is loud about this pathogen because it's a new virus that no organism has antibodies to this type, so almost everybody becomes ill.

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First 2020 is WW3, then Australia's wildfire, then this Coronavirus thingy. What's more dangerous is there are somewhat "no regulations" (in quote) of Chinese tourists in Indonesia, so basically I'm in danger.

This beginning of 2020 surely sucks.

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It is not a good idea since bats have their purpose, to balance our one and only mother earth.

We, humans, are intelligent mammals living here on earth and those intelligent humans from Wuhan China ate a bat which is a mammal as well. The virus that came from the bats is not something that will kill them but for us humans it is something that our human body cant take.

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I've been following this tragedy from January 15th.
Friend was working with pathogens and were told that new case was discovered in December.

Some good stuff I can share:

Google Map


nCoV / Swine Flu / SARS

Spread Animation

State of restrictions

Hospitals being built in Wohan

Information about virus spreading

Probably everyone knows about this one

WHO Explained:
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"Only" a few hundred people died because of Corona. Did you know that the regular flu (Influenza) kills much more people every year?
Influenza spreads around the world in yearly outbreaks, resulting in about three to five million cases of severe illness and about 290,000 to 650,000 deaths.

I guess the reason for all the attention is mainly that it is a new virus mutation, that we don't know much about it and that people are interested in reading news about it. It's not super deadly. According to news most people who died were old or had other health problems already.

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Money is to blame for everything - someone makes money on this hype, someone makes money on countermeasures and quarantine, and someone makes money on leaps in exchange rates and goods.
It is not a matter of mortality and or the danger of the virus.
Every year, most people die for reasons far from the concept of old age. And they die mainly because of the human factor, the blame for their death lies with those who have not done something or vice versa have made such a profit for themselves that this leads to the death of other people.
Millions and billions of people who die not only from diseases and viruses.

For example:
I am Russian and observe the actions of the Russian government and surrounding speculations and clearly see that this is just a way to enrich themselves and rob the people of country even more. Over the years of Putin’s rule, in my country there have been fewer hospitals, schools, ... and in recent years, even mortality has exceeded the birth rate - here is the schedule , from 2012 to 2020, the population of Russia decreased by 4 million people (despite a wave of immigrants).

(red - mortality, green - population growth, blue - birth rate)
I think this situation is happening in any country in world even in china, because this is a "chance" to make money behind the words of protection and fight with disease or any other positive motive.
Even more, I did not notice that those who donate money to fight disease would do it altruistically. Everyone wants fame and advertising, and make money on it.

This is worse than a disease or virus - it is the antisocial attitude of people towards each other. In my opinion, one of the reasons for this is an increase in carbon dioxide levels and an aggravating greenhouse effect (it is known that its level affects brain activity). People get dull and ... become more aggressive. Humans themselves are an aggressive race, if we meet aliens we will definitely start a war with them.

I liked the principle that existed previously in such a country as the USSR, in this country it was promoted that each person is brother to each other, and people lived not so much for themselves as they built everything for future generations.
Now is a very important period of time, everything around is changing, the main thing is that we remain human beings and always have a good relationship with others. For me personally, the borders of countries have long since become unimportant, I am pleased to communicate with friends from other countries, I just consider them my neighbors. January 15, I returned from South Korea, I was there for almost 2 months. I understand that the world around is very small and our relationship to each other is more important than anything else, help each other just like that.

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China has to stop eating everything that moves (and stop killing innocents).
The world will be safe then.
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