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16.05.11 10:03:41 pm
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This is a map I made, based on the "bowie base one" from the Doctor who series, inspired by the doctor who mod.

This map bases on good tactics.

If the CTs manage to get to the rocket, at the top of the map, they can win in 5 secs after pressing a button. The y can get to the rocket rather quickly, so that would be a good place for a few Ts to go to, as they have the better weapons.
In the rocket, there are also a whole row of explosives, which will kill anyone nearby, but also close the rockets doors.
But if that does happen, the CTs can easily win by activating the nuke.

The Ts win by activating a button in the room on the far right, then going through the CT base into the room above it and so infecting all CTs with a deadly desease.

Please do not edit it without my permission, or change it in any other way that makes it different to the original state.

Otherwise use it as you like!
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16.05.11 10:33:32 pm
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Lol, I remember that location in the series It's good and all, but sometimes some tiles look a little bit out of place. If you work on it a bit more then I'm sure it will be simply perfect
16.05.11 10:15:59 pm
like I like it!
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good map its great
but really you can do better ;\
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