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Hello welcome back
Myproject is done!
jump into the teammate battle
Survive to get point and upgrade your stats
Getting Zcoin to buy new weapon

i have a simple map (WorldZ_Ancient) so you can play
because this script need an arena to fight

i change this script to became teammate game
because deathmatch doesnt have team to fight
its not work for deathmatch
because the bot wont attack his fellow team

What the gamemode i can play?
Team deathmatch

Press Z to use skill1
Press X to use skill2
Press F2 to open menu (Also you can press shop to open it)
if you buying dynamite it will turn to invisible
also if people step on it. the dynamite will appear and explode!

New Update!
Added new weapons!
Valentine (Support)
US2 (Shoter)
Hammer (Deffender)

Upgraded Bot Expert
Fixed while run
Detecting if they have a problem
Fixed when attacking enemies

Info For weapon
Knife (you will get it when you're starting)
What inside of Rune Weapon?
Great Sword (The biggest sword and area damage)
Star Saber (Can shot long range)
Jade Hand (Use skill2 to reset cooldown for skill1)
Card (Short cooldown for skill1)
SwordOfLight (Appear from light and thurst your enemies makes your skill1 cooldown reseted)
Valentine (Can heal people nearest)
US2 (Shot with sniper and reset cooldown with skill2)
Hammer (Can reflect projectiles with a shield)

∗ BotFeatures! ∗
Bot can use skill and weapon
will fight with the given weapon
Can install dynamite
You can make bot turn to expert mode
/lua bothd[id]=1

Change the id as who you want to make them expert
only work for bot

Happy fun
You can play √
and dont copyright
and dont say it yours
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