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old Blade of the Red sun - 1.02

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Blade of the Red sun

"Son, do not forget, hesitate, and you lose."

Blade of the red sun is actually the remake version of my old file, yes it is a reference to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a sword held by a brazillian Samurai named Samuel Rodriguez/Jetstream Sam/Minuano (ミヌアノ), Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance or shortened as MGRR is a game published by Konami Digital Entertainment, Developed by PlatinumGames. Murasama (accidental mistranslation of Muramasa, 村正) is the name of the Blade, Muramasa is a Japanese swordsmith whose infamous for making "cursed" blades.

History of HF Murasama
A samurai sword dating back to the 16th century passed down the Rodrigues' family line for generations which was later upgraded with High-Frequency technology on Sam's request. Due to the already impressive quality of the original weapon, the Murasama boasts durability and cutting power far beyond that of standard HF blades.


(note, the font i used on the image was Electroharmonix font, so it looks a little bit different from normal font, the author name on bottom left is not Temmie but Kemmie)

Made by user TempoCat

You can use this in your own server, please do not call it your own creation, do not reupload this or uploading this on another website without author's permission

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3 kb, 123 Downloads


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Very cool!
I like it!
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