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I created a new zombie mode
About the gameplay:
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Zombie classes:
Wave 1;
Tank zombie - Has heavy armor, throws a large stone that can kill instantly. Slow. (Appears only in the first wave, the player is selected randomly and alone.)(Given for killing 500 XP and 10 points)
Gut zombie - Throws a gut bomb at a short distance sacrificing 30 hp
Fast zombie - Has no ability. Fast
Wave 2;
Fat zombie - His vomit slows down and he also explodes on death with vomit.
Toxic zombie - Spits toxic mucus and also leaves a toxic puddle upon death.
Wave 3;
Titan zombie - It makes it run like a bull, if a person falls under it, then it will capture it and continue to run, if more people come across, only explosions will pass. After he stops running, he starts killing the person who called.
Monkey zombie - Takes control of a person and shreds him weakly. Jumps over obstacles
Wave 4;
Dark zombie - –°reates darkness and he becomes immortal, only the light of a flashlight can kill him during darkness.
Hunter zombie - It jumps very far if it hits a person, it will quickly tear it apart. Jumps over obstacles

1. Kelvar (Protects against toxic zombies) = 20 points
2. Bandage = 30 points
3. Molotov cocktail (sets fire to) = 15 points
4. Fire HE (sets fire to) = 10 points
5. Snowball = 5 points

1. Tank and Dark(in dark mode) cannot be frozen

2. There is a system of tips here. Maybe not all tips are included here.

3. Here is the music from the game "Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun"

4.Unfortunately, I did not make eye-catching skins for zombies .

5. It has its own bot system. (entity named bot on the map. The first two digits are the number of bots. The third digit is the number of bots that will be kicked out if there are players)

6. In fact, I initially wanted to make my usual zombie mod, but then I did it, as a result, there are developments here that are most likely not needed here. For example knockback.

7.Most of the classes are based on "Left 4 Dead"

8. The control system that is present in Titan, Monkey and Hunter works like this. (Zombies and humans cannot deal damage to each other or to others. Zombie deals damage automatically. Only the Monkey can move while controlling.)

Advantages and disadvantages:
√ You can play alone with bots, it will not be boring thanks to the challenge created by the zombie classes.
√ Random perks give more moments and excitement to play
× Zombies do not have skins (Can only be distinguished by sound)
× Unreadable code

Settings in lua file:
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Approved by Gaios

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2.17 mb, 225 Downloads


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Mami Tomoe
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@user Komo the Cat: Don't bother.
Frameworks like HC are superior to all others and cannot be further perfected, as they're the peak of what CS2D can handle.
Furthermore, with your development skills, I doubt you can make anything even remotely appealing.
This is quickly getting off-topic and I suggest we avoid any further discussion about this.


Komo the Cat
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Maybe i can make a framework (like a module script), but i'm to lazy to do it.


Mami Tomoe
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@user Marcell: Actually using a framework is considered to be the more intelligent approach.
It's not about the "hard way", rather it's about what makes the most amount of sense.
Why shouldn't I be able to use this script with a basic admin script?


Super User Off Offline

@user Mami Tomoe: You and the frameworks lol, not everyone wants to use a framework, if someone wants to learn the hard way, let them do it, it gives more skills than using some prewritten set.


Mami Tomoe
User Off Offline

@user Komo the Cat: The only reason as for why the code takes up over 3,000 lines is because it isn't using a framework and isn't made efficiently.

The lack of a framework will create more issues later on when attempting to integrate this into a public server with an already existing framework / admin script.

It's an okay script.


Komo the Cat
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Wow that's a long code, how much times did you spent your time on this?
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