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01.10.17 10:33:16 am
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Hello, this is my first file Related to Half Life 2.

Introducing: The Supplies!

Primary Ammo Supply Pack Includes:
2 .12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Boxes.
2 SMG Ammunition Containers.
2 USP - Match Pistol Magazines.
1 Guided RPG Launcher Rocket.
2 Bouncer Grenades.

Secondary Ammo Supply Pack Includes:
1 USP - Match Pistol Ammunition Box.


You can:
√ Edit it.
√ Use it For your Own Maps/Scripts/etc. (With Permission Only.)

You can't:
× Steal It.
× Upload it Anywhere Else.
× Claim that it's Yours.
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08.10.17 02:43:58 pm
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Good redesign. This can be used as sprites for maps. Make more different sprites of HL props and small objects (not skins) for mappers.
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