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English Projectアンドロメダ / Chat Room

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old Projectアンドロメダ / Chat Room

Sakamoto Uploads
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Welcome To Official RAV International Chat Room
From GameBanana Moved to UnrealSoftware us


This is The Official Sites of RAV International and Now used for Chat room and Discussion We Follow the Guidelines and Never do Anything Else weird so dont use Bad Word if you want to chat or Reported but you only able to chat with good word you can tell us about problem in game or other sites You are Able to Give us a News
In This chat room You also can tell other people About your map and give them the link so we can see and rate it we dont know anything about script so we made a chat room

Projectアンドロメダ / Rules
• Do Not Use Bad Word
• Do Not Flood or Spamming
• Do Not Use 18+ Images Avatar
• Do Not Accusing
• Do Not Violate the Rules
• Do Not Accusing Admin or Owner
• Do Not Accusing Chat Room Owner
• You Are Able To Give us a News
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old Re: Projectアンドロメダ / Chat Room

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Hello bello,

Why not just create a Discord server for this reason, so you can manage users / kick and band them if needed by yourself.

I am not against inactivity of UnrealSoftware, but it would be much easier for such a community, plus this isn't really chat rom, more like a forum/community.

old Re: Projectアンドロメダ / Chat Room


I mean probably because he will get free advertisement for example i never knew about this until now so its working gamebanana etc and not everyone uses discord i have it but rarely use

old Marcell Was Right / Not

Sakamoto Uploads
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Marcell was right i need Discord server or a Forums to create it but i dont know how to create forums its hard i also dont know how to create dedicated server

Edit : Guys i have a map to upload if you want it
ok now im creating the dsicord server
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