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19.04.21 07:04:32 pm
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today and my 1 script i'm a novice in this good to start and a pack of hats already comes with everything inside you will not need to be putting good and an autorun script so have fun
enjoy and use a lot of but let the credits speak and good game
I hope you like it
> good game
have fun
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25.10.21 10:42:29 pm
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why has this included my utility, but it's not even needed here... nor I am credited.
19.04.21 10:50:50 pm
like I like it!
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I put the credits and I saw that I could or could not improve I picked it up and put more hats on so stay tuned and stay quiet and do it better then why judge six know more to do n do hmm what do you think in
enjoy how many hat you have and alias good script amg!
19.04.21 10:46:07 pm
Oh no, it’s another shitty (and stolen) hat script
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